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Exotic Snack Box

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"Amazing experience! It's totally worth the money!" Julia F. - London

623+ reviews
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Discover the best exotic snacks & candies that make the whole O'Sweetz team hungry

This box contains at least 15+ products including: :

 🌶 Spicy & salty snacks

🍬 Sour and sweet candies

🍫 Weird flavored chocolates

🍡 Strange candies

➕ and much MORE!


Why you should get this snack box

1. You'll discover new flavors and taste snacks never seen before! 

2. You will be able to travel around the world without leaving your home!

3. You'll get limited editions snacks that are really hard to find online.

4. The internet's most popular snacks are in this box.

5. The perfect gift to surprise your family and friends.

6. The shipping is currently FREE Canada wide*.



O'Sweetz is a slightly crazy and gourmet team who had the idea of assembling boxes filled with a host of rare snacks from all over the world.

We are game to taste everything. Bring the challenges! We've eaten so much candy that we now have our favorite products. Hence the desire to share our favorite snacks with the whole planet in a box delivered directly to your door.

We're not changing the world but we can reinvent your favorite snack! YAY! 🥰


What they said

« Family fun »

« A lot of fun discovering all the content. »


« The Pickle is yummy »

« I loved the big pickle and the other candies in my box. Delivery took 24 hours! »


« My boyfriend loved it »

« The box was a gift to my boyfriend, a weird snacks lover, and he really enjoyed it!! »



10,000+ Happy Customers

« Great snacks »

« Very diversified choice of products, allows you to taste and try a lot of different flavors. »

J. B.

« Extraordinary, delicious and wonderful! »

« I loved the diversity of the products offered! I know where to buy my next snacks! Sweet, salty, it's all there! Thanks! »

J. Cayouette

« Wow »

« The concept is amazing, I bought a Chouchou box for a dinner with friends and it finally became the main attraction of the evening! 🤭 »

J. Grimard

FAQ - Frequently asked questions

+ Are the box identical?

Yes ! If you buy several Chouchou boxes at the same time, the contents are almost identical, but some flavors may vary.

+ Where do you ship?

We ship Canada wide*

* additional charges may apply for remote areas. If this is the case, our team will contact you.

+ How fast do you ship ?

Your order will be prepared and shipped within 1-3 business days of receiving your order. Once the order has been processed, you will receive a shipping notification by email including a tracking number.

* We only ship to Canada

+ What are the shipping rates ?

Delivery charges are 9.99$*

* additional charges may apply for remote areas. If this is the case, our team will contact you.

+ Can I choose which sweets and snacks I receive?

We currently do not offer any personalization of boxes. O'Sweetz is all about offering a variety of the most unique and delicious candies and snacks. However, you can add a host of products to your order by visiting our All Products section

* This offer cannot be combined with any other promotion.